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A grounded process for harnessing creative energies.



A grounded process for harnessing creative energies.

emmalea russo

creative wellness guide

Plain Alchemy was founded on the belief that we are all artists. The realization of our core creativity is a deep healing tool. Emmalea Russo, founder of Plain Alchemy, is a creative wellness guide, artist, and writer who is here to guide you on your journey towards your most creative, authentic self.


April 24, 2018

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jamie Graber (aka Organically Jamie) at her gorgeous NYC office space. Surrounded by crystals, we filmed an unapologetically lo-...

April 17, 2018

After an intense retrograde, Mercury turned direct on April 15th. I felt it. Hard. And I'm still feeling it. We hear a lot about the troubles and dramas of planetary re...

April 12, 2018

Jordan Younger (aka The Balanced Blonde) has been a huge source of inspiration for me and SO MANY others. If you're not familiar with her site, podcast, and very real a...

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Emmalea Russo

I'm an artist, writer, and creative wellness guide. While attending Sarah Lawrence College in 2007, my life changed suddenly when I had my first (of many) grand mal seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy. I was incredibly frustrated with my attempts to find answers in conventional medicine and tired of my lifestyle habits at the time. I desired a monumental shift.


I gave up on art and writing, left college, and dedicated the next several years to navigating the natural health and wellness worlds searching for ways to unite body and mind and heal this mysterious disorder. This search led me to acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, raw veganism, juice cleanses, hypnotherapy, kundalini yoga and meditation, naturopathic doctors out in the woods, fasting — you name it. I was moving farther away from my identity as an artist and channeling most of my energies into experiments in healing myself. Eventually, I went back to school and received two MFA degrees, one in writing and one in visual art.

Maneuvering art and healing over the past ten years often left me feeling split and confused about where and how to focus my attentions. Ultimately, this split pushed me to ask this question: How do I want to heal? Meaning: What do I want the process to look like, feel like, etc. I'm convinced that we can and do become more interesting and authentic humans when we take this process into our own hands.

Healing can be an artful process — one that accentuates those parts of you that you love most. The inverse is also true — art can be a healing process. Plain Alchemy was born after this question arose over and over again: “What tools would have streamlined my healing journey — the process of returning to myself?” The work (read: play) is never done.

We are all creative beings when we are at our most clear and my intention is to guide others in their own creative wellness journeys. I feel indebted to those artists and healers I have learned from and continue to learn from. It’s with that gratitude and awe that I offer up my knowledge and experiences. I so look forward to connecting with you on this site through regular journal posts of the mind-body-art variety and individually over a session.




A grounded process for harnessing creative energies.

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