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Notes on Alchemization

You’ve probably heard the ancient definitions: The transformation of lead into gold, the transformation of something ordinary into something extraordinary. Alchemy implies some sort of magic. Some unanswered question. An element of the divine. This is one of the reasons I’m so taken with it — the beauty of the word and all of its forms, meanings, and connotations. It’s also a tool. Alchemy is related to art, to creation. You don’t have to fancy yourself an artist to benefit from a deep dive into creativity. We are all innately creative beings — problem solvers, questioners, and meaning makers. I like to think of the poetics of alchemy as a tool.


I once heard that art is about asking questions and science is about trying to find answers. Although this is super reductive, it helps me understand the hopefulness of creation. I love questions and I love opening up various processes and fields for further exploration. I’ve always been an artist but I haven’t always been so interested in bridging the gap between healing/wellness and the creative process. When I was in college, I was a hard partier and I felt pretty disconnected from my body. At 19, my life completely shifted in one instant. I had my first grand mal seizure. It was a terrifying, tiring, electrifying, and mystical experience. I was diagnosed with epilepsy and dragged myself through the ranks of allopathic medicine. This was perhaps more tiring than seizing. BUT, I learned a lot. I spend the next several years feeling very split. I had my artsy friends and interests — which were all quite intellectual and heady. And then I had this other path — I was beginning to step off of the western medicine train and onto my own healing journey. I experimented (and continue to experiment) with tons of healing modalities. To name a few: Acupuncture, breathwork, meditation, yoga, energy healing, angelic frequency healing, iridology, colon hydrotherapy….you get the idea. I loved making art and being my own wild self and I also loved this wild wellness ride. I had the sense that these two paths were intrinsically connected (both brought me closer to myself) but I found it very difficult to merge them. And I still felt split — I would go to a workshop or a healing session, and then come home and do my creative work. Plain Alchemy was born. I wanted a platform, aesthetic, and process that would integrate the powers of art and healing for the modern human. I believe that during that first life changing seizure, I received a kind of download on how to be a creative healer (far out, I know) and I’ve spent the last several years decoding and integrating that information. It’s still a process and it’s still unfolding.

So, in a sense, alchemization isn’t about moving from point a to point b — it’s about decoding and giving voice to information that you already have inside of you. My process involves active meditations (breathwork, visualizations) and creative practices (journaling, sketching, imagining). At its root, Plain Alchemy doesn't strive to tell you how to heal. Rather, it's about the interesting and fun process of figuring out how you want your healing journey to look and feel. It can be as simple as asking: How do I want to spend my time?


Guided (individualized) meditations


Free writing

Visualizations involving form, color, movement, and place