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Alchemization Sessions

I'm here to guide you towards your inner artist. The bits of information that come to us when we are in meditative states can be used as creative energy when we catch them in time. You will experience guided visualizations that are meant to unlock your current thought patterns and release lodged energy. After each experience, we will process. You'll come away with a deeper understanding of your innate creative potential, as well as techniques for harnessing this potential. You'll need: A notebook and writing implement.

The Alchemization Package

A mind-opening transformative experience, the package is a deeper way to work together after our first session. The package is comprised of three one hour sessions that are fully focused on your creative growth. You will come away with a deeper understanding of your healing processes and tools to work through energetic blocks. There will be individualized exercises and assignments between each session. Based on your own interests, passions, and goals -- you will come away with an action plan and a set of your own Alchemization tools. Book your first session and we will collaborate on a schedule for the other two sessions in our first meeting. I so look forward to working with you.

3/1 hr each