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Take a (Binaural) Beat

January 1, 2018

I've heard binaural beats described as a "brain wave entrainment system." I love this. The past few days I've rediscovered this wave technology and I'm blissed out about it. You know I’m always searching for brain hacks. And, the idea that we have control over our own frequencies is incredibly empowering. Here, I’ve jotted some info about binaural beats for the uninitiated, and a few of my own experiences this week.





We spend most of our time in the beta (highest) frequency wave. This is the frequency of conscious alertness. Alpha is next, and is associated with a more relaxed state wherein we can more easily learn. Also increased serotonin. Then we drop a little lower into the theta waves. This is where deeper meditative states are possible. Think: REM sleep, access to the unconscious, and guided imagery. The next is delta, where we drop into dreamless sleep and nonphysical states of awareness. And finally, gamma, which seem to dissolve blocks in the physical world and invite a sense of unity and oneness.




I live in New York, and I'm guessing that most of my waves are beta during the waking hours. Lately, I've especially been feeling easily agitated by my surroundings -- a beta wave clue. The past few days, I've used a binaural beats app to cruise along the theta waves while walking in Manhattan, riding the subway, or just sitting quietly. The result: A quiet mind, less agitation, and a lifted mood. Also: Increased focus.




I'm noticing that my energies don't feel as dispersed and scattered. I'm more able to decide where to focus my attention.




When I turn on the binaural beats, I can more readily drop into meditation. It's like a next level comfy blanket.




When I first turn on the beats, my critical mind is on autopilot. The sound seems repetitive, boring, distracting, etc. But within minutes, I'm in it. It's a trippy tool for tuning in.




At 40Hz or higher, the gamma wave is the most elusive of the frequencies. Hyper increased awareness, problem solving skills, happiness, and the ONE MIND mentality.



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