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The Brain is Art: A New Series on Neuroplasticity

February 14, 2018


So I’ve been MIA from Plain Alchemy for one week — as I’ve been making lots of art and felt unable to pull myself away. I’ve also been spending lots of time thinking about neuroplasticity. I just finished the book What Should We Do With Our Brain? by Catherine Malabou. Great title, I know.


Without going too deeply into the text — I'll say that Malabou explains that the brain is not a machine, as we have been hardwired to believe. It is more flexible than that, more malleable. And while most people have heard of the term neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity, it remains a kind of abstract concept rather than a practical and mass implemented daily life tool.


I kept thinking: The brain is art and felt pulled to make this the next Plain Alchemy series. I’ll be creating it as I go — as I have no concrete plans and I also realize that while I understand the basic concepts of neuroplasticity and feel inspired by the brain’s ability to rewire itself — I haven’t had the chance to write/talk about it in basic, break-down-the-science speak.


My intention is to both summarize various aspects of brain plasticity and create my own exercises and content, so as to provide tools for practical implementation of these sometimes hard to grasp concepts.


This past week, as I was working on an art project, it occurred to me that it’s not only important to understand that the brain is changeable, that we are creating our brains all the time — but to have a deep belief and trust in this truth at all times. In this capacity, we are then able to sculpt our brains at every turn — to literally create the kind of experiences that we want.

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