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The Pursuit of Cleansing: Michael Perrine

January 13, 2018

I’m so thrilled to feature Michael Perrine. This guy is a detox expert, an original NYC vegan, colon hydrotherapist, and a force behind Everyday


Detox and VitalityNYC. I met Mike last spring. I was having grand mal seizures every one to three months like clockwork. I decided to try something new in hopes of kickstarting a no-seizure streak and rebooting my system. After some deep internet searching, I stumbled upon a YouTube video — a conversation between him and Rebekah Borucki of BexLife (who is also amazing). Right away, I thought, YES. This video was sent to me from the detox gods. Rebekah and Mike were funny, smart, and talked all about cleansing and (yes) colon hydrotherapy. There was no mention of epilepsy - nor had I come across anything in my research linking this sort of cleansing to seizure relief. But, I went for it. I emailed him the next day and we had a consultation. Since that time, I’ve been going to VitalityNYC regularly. I really believe that this, along with some other interventions, has seriously contributed to my being seizure-free for over a year. (Hello! The gut-brain connection). I was super nervous to try colon hydrotherapy, but Mike is incredibly easygoing, super-knowledgeable, and a total detox badass. He’s my go-to person for all matters of cleansing. I will text him with questions ranging from “Why do I have this funny taste in my mouth?” to “Should I take CBD oil?” And he is always generous and on-point with his responses. I wanted to feature him on Plain Alchemy to reveal his awesomeness and to introduce you all to his practice. Most of all, I feel like Mike is a living example of the innate healing capacity within all of us when we focus on getting to the root of our mind-body-soul issues. Some powerful sh*t. Below, he shares about his personal detoxification experiences, cryotherapy, and mind-body-art practices.




Michael Perrine. When I was the pastry chef at Angelica Kitchen in the ‘90s they used to call me Ol' Pastry Bastard because I'm from Staten Island, home of the Wu Tang Clan.




Originally from Staten Island. Currently splitting time between Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and Ashland, Oregon. 




I believe the mind needs to be nourished, just like the body. I don't feed my mind junk food. I'm on a steady diet of Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Weiss and positive news. If I'm not laughing or learning, I don't want to consume it.




I've dedicated my entire adult life to the pursuit of cleansing. Which, interestingly, is in complete opposition to life in NYC. However, it's served me incredibly well and transformed the way I show up in the world. When I was 19, I had a tremendous spiritual awakening, resulting in me changing every aspect of my life. After hitting a physical and mental low, I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X and was inspired to remove all the negative elements destroying my body and holding me back in life. I very quickly stopped smoking and drinking alcohol, in addition to eating vegan and juicing daily. The physical detox process and rebuilding of my body was intense. I had things popping out of my skin and dangerously high fevers. I lost 70 lbs. It took years to purge and rebuild. The experience was worth every moment. Twenty-three years later, I experience levels of physical health and mental clarity miles above my early years. The way I've achieved lasting results is through consistency. It's not what we do sometimes that shapes who we are, it's what we do all the time. Currently I'm working out with ropes, maces and kettle bells. I practice Wim Hof Breathing and do cryotherapy 5–6 times a week.




I'm in love with the art of storytelling. I think that The Sopranos and Harry Potter are two of the greatest stories of our time. Not kidding. The ability to be pulled in and care about stories, timelines and characters that only exist in the imagination is incredible to me.

(Photo: Nick Guarino)

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