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Staying in the Magic Lane: A Conversation with Jenna Zoe

March 20, 2018



A few months ago, I was traipsing around the streets of Venice Beach and saw a lovely and familiar looking human on two different occasions. I couldn’t place her but I definitely recognized her and her distinct energy. I realized later that it was Jenna Zoe, human design extraordinaire (human design, in her own words, is: "The contract your soul makes with the Universe about who you came to be, what you came to experience, and what karma you came to correct"). I realized later that I recognized her from Dara Dubinet’s YouTube videos. Dara is also such a gorgeous and unique soul — and I love hearing Jenna and Dara wax about human design and self-knowledge. Feeling like the Universe wanted us to chat, I reached out to Jenna for a human design reading. The reading itself was fascinating. I felt very seen. Jenna revealed that I am highly psychic when I’m able to sort out other people’s emotions from my own, among other golden nuggets. I took so many notes. And Jenna’s ability to channel information via the complex human design chart (to give you a sense, my chart is pictured above) is stellar. We texted between NYC and London the other day about the magic of Venice, staying in the magic lane, and deconditioning. Enjoy! Find Jenna here.



Emmalea Russo: Hey love! So, I know you're in London now but I’ve seen you in LA a few times. Where do you spend most of your time / how does your location impact your energy/human design practice?


Jenna Zoe: Hey love! Yes — I split my time between both! London is home for now but I'm continually drawn to LA because it has so much synchronicity for me.


ER: Me too! I'm on the east coast but I consistently feel pulled towards LA. Specifically Venice.


JZ: Venice is on the latitude of 33 degrees, which is thought to be special. A lot of holy sites are on that latitude. It has a certain magic to it.


ER: Really? I didn't know that! What else is at 33 degrees?


JZ: Well Mecca, for one! Plenty of others but I forget!


ER: Damn! Yes I've always felt such a pull towards there. Also I would love to know what your typical days are like in London vs. LA and how human design shapes the way you show up in the world. You just read my chart the other day and it's already really shifting my perspective.


JZ: My day looks usually around the same way. I start my mornings with a Tracy Anderson session. (In LA I go to the studio in Brentwood and in London I stream the classes on my laptop). And then I do readings all day.


ER: That sounds amazing. What was your journey like - to get to this point where you're doing the thing that you love all day?


JZ: Oof! I had to do so much deconditioning. The reason I do Human Design is because I'm so obsessed with what it did for my life and how it saved me from living as my 'not self.’


ER: Oooh! Can you give some examples?!


JZ: Absolutely! So the 'not self' in human design is the version of us that we have constructed because the world told us we have to be that in order to be successful, to be loved, to be worthy. We call that conditioning and it creates the 'not self,’ when really we want to live out our authentic nature. For me, my human design chart is all about guiding people. But I was ignoring that because I thought I had to be this badass CEO in order to be worthy. So I was living out that story for most of my adult life — and with zero success! I never had flow around that storyline because the Universe just doesn't support that version of me. Not to say that's bad — it’s just not what's energetically correct for me, whereas it could be someone else's highest self.


ER: Wow. That really resonates with me — especially "the universe just doesn't support that version of me." What steps did you take to get energetically into your highest self and out of the not-self? Also, is it a fluid thing? Like, I would imagine when one is out of balance they can slip into the not-self energy. How do you stay in the flow?


JZ: Great question! I'm actually creating a while deconditioning audio series so that people know how to bring themselves back into their lane whenever they're taken out. 

You know, that magic lane, where things just flow and you're just living your dream.


ER: The magic lane! So excited for the deconditioning series!! I’d love to know how human design has impacted your relationships? You told me I'm something called a "non-emotional" which I was totally surprised to hear until you explained it (someone who is neutral when they're alone but takes on and magnifies the emotions of those around them) and this clicked so much with me. I'm already starting to see how switching my perspective around my feelings (saying to myself: “these are not my feelings”) is making me feel much more calm around people. I'm still such a loner but I'm curious to hear about your experience with HD and relationship/energy exchanges.


JZ: Wow! I'm so happy to hear that. And the magic is, once you see the charts of other people in your life, you can see them for who they truly are. It fosters so much understanding. You meet them at the level of who they are rather than who you want them to be. Both of you are free to show up as your real selves. No shoulds or judgments.


ER: What's your advice for those who are trying to find their flow/authentic selves? What's next for you?


JZ: Flow comes so naturally when you live according to the way your soul wants you to operate and show up in the world. It’s not something we have to push, force, or figure out.


ER: Yes. Human design can definitely reveal yourself to you — making t easier to sink into the flow, right? It's a powerful tool.


JZ: You’re right, it really is so powerful! I think because it's such personalized advice, it really feels like it's custom made for you, whereas so many other self-help systems still treat us like we all need to do the same thing in order to thrive. Next up I'm working on downloadable audio programs for people to learn more about their energy types as well as a deconditioning series — i.e. an online workshop on how you actually remove the conditioned beliefs and behaviors that are blocking you from living as your Highest Self.


ER: That sounds amazing. I'm a total HD convert. Jenna thank you so much for texting with me!! You're wonderful!!


JZ: That makes me happier to hear than anything else! HD is so healing that it feels like sweet relief! Oh thank YOU!



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