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The Creative Archive

March 30, 2018


Have you heard of the Akashic Records? They are believed to exist in the etheric plane and contain an inventory of all human events, thoughts, emotions, and actions throughout history. Each soul has its own Akashic Record. We can access it with the right tools. I love this idea and have always been obsessed with indexes, archives, lists, and inventories. Esoteric archives can be used powerfully in meditation. However, there's also a place for physical lists and archives. I've been keeping a running list of inspirations for years now. It exists on my computer. But, I will often jot something down in my iPhone notes or sketchpad if I'm in transit.


The most important thing about the creative archive is that it has no boundaries or rules. This list has served me so many times. It works to revive my creative spark, change my thinking about a project, or simply take me out of my routines. The archive contains names of artists I love, specific artworks, books, cities and towns, a gesture made by a stranger, the lighting in a photograph, the description of a laugh, a color, thoughts and dregs that arise during meditation, and even things I feel a strong aversion to. In my workshops and sessions, I encourage people to free write directly after meditation. Sometimes little gems arise during these periods of moving between receptivity and action. These are perfect things to include in your creative archive. The liberating thing is this: It can be accessed whenever, wherever. And there are no rules. It's totally YOU.


The archive is free of time and place. This means you can access it whenever you want and be reminded of what got your attention. And this ultimately helps us see ourselves with greater clarity. The archive might begin with the question: What gets my attention? You know that moment -- when you're walking -- and something calls out to you. Maybe it's a person or an object on the street or a color. That's a super special, charged moment. You have to decide whether to stop or not -- whether to choose receptivity and curiosity. These are great things to enclose in the archive.


It's a living document.


In a private session, we unlock these and other creative tools. So looking forward to working with you! 

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