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Alchemization + Art Practice

April 9, 2018

I was that girl in art school who looked through the trash. I was always looking for things that other people discarded or saw as not of use to them. I wanted to turn them into gems. My work was (and still is) centered around the idea of reuse and renewal. My work -- whether it's paper collage, writing, drawing, big installation projects that take up an entire room, site-specific experiments, or wall projections -- is all inspired by renewal. My definition of renewal (and creativity, for that matter) is the process of looking at an existing thing in a new light. This kind of perspective shift is one aspect of Alchemization.



At first, I didn't realize just how much this word, concept, practice, website, etcetera -- related to my worldview and views as an artist and writer. I taught an Alchemization workshop yesterday and it was a blast -- because I got to watch others expand through the process of shifting their perspectives. We worked through visualizations and meditations and then wrote about our experiences. We then looked back at what we wrote and expanded on whatever jumped out at us. Alchemy -- the process of turning a base metal into gold -- or something ordinary into something extraordinary -- is a concept that can be super healing when we relate it to the mind, art/life practices (even seemingly boring, day-to-day things) meditation, and sense of self.


The times I've been most blocked in my life are the times that I've forced myself to adhere to an imposed definition of art or creativity. Staring at a blank page. The truth is, we are all building upon layers of history, epigenetics, palimpsest, and our own mental/emotional processes. These are all tools that we can use to harness creative energy. A piece of trash on a New York City sidewalk can also be gold. A floating thought that passes during meditation or while on a walk can be turned into fuel for a project or realization. It's like upcycling for your brain.



All of the images on here are mine -- and all of these projects helped me in some way to dislodge stuck energy, figure myself out, and like...actually have fun doing work, making art, living life. You can find more in the Alchemy Shop.


If you want to delve into these concepts in a deeper way, let's connect over a session. I'm also leading this workshop in LA on May 3rd.


Sending love and endless Alchemy energy.


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