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It's Not an On Off Switch: The Energetics of Mercury Direct with Danielle Beinstein

April 17, 2018

After an intense retrograde, Mercury turned direct on April 15th. I felt it. Hard. And I'm still feeling it. We hear a lot about the troubles and dramas of planetary retrograde, but not as much about the magical and strange in-between spaces of planetary changes. My sense has been that these few days of the retrograde hangover are filled with possibility, strangeness, and potential for renewal. I don't yet feel like I'm back online. And, this Mercury energy/new moon in Aries hit me particularly intensely -- as I'm Virgo Sun with an Aries Ascendent. I know others have been feeling similarly, and so I reached out to fellow Virgo Danielle Beinstein, my favorite astrologer, for the full download.


Danielle Beinstein:


Mercury Stationing Direct is an interesting one. Our instinct, if we follow this sort of thing, is to assume that the shift is immediate but that’s actually not the case. When a planet is retrograde, it appears to be going backwards. When it turns direct, it takes a few days to pick up speed. Especially because the energy is filtered through us. We embody it. And humans are anything but perfect. It takes us a moment to catch up, to pivot. We tend to deify astrological aspects, as if we’re at the mercy of them. But that’s not entirely true. 


Mercury Retrograde is about revisiting, rethinking, recalculating, re-evaluating. When it shifts direction, we start to take action based on what we’ve learned. It’s important to be patient with ourselves, and with others. It’s not an on off switch. 


As Mercury moves forward and traverses the same terrain, we’ll have a clearer sense of the landscape. But carrying the right psychological and communication tools, employing them wisely, that’s still up to us :-)

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